Do I have to cook these?

No! All my pasta are made from fleece and stuffed with catnip or polyfill.  They are ready for play right out of the package.

My cat doesn't like catnip. Are these toys for them?

I've had many customers tell me that their cats don't ever play with catnip toys - but they love these! As a lifetime cat owner, I've done my research.  Some cats may still not be a fan, and that's why I also offer non-nip toys.

What will catnip do to my cat? I've never had a catnip toy before.

It depends on the cat.  Most cats get riled up and want to play, attack, or zoom around. (Usually just with the toy itself, but still keep your hands away from their paws - they might berserk out on you!)  Some cats get really chilled out, and will just lay on their toys and drool.  Some just zone out and look deep into the void. For some cats, it does nothing at all. Generally cats begin to react to catnip at between 6 months and a year old.

My cat loves catnip too much! How do I keep these away from them?

I've heard of cats opening packages not for them, or stealing toys from places their humans were pretty sure was secret.  I always suggest a cabinet, drawer, inside an airtight container, or even in your car.

Are these refillable?

They are not.  These are to be durable and last for months or years.  I personally have found refillable toys opened by my cats every single time, so I ensure all of our products are firmly sewn shut.


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