Starting off summer

by Amanda Woade

Today's the fifth day of summer and it's already so hot.  Summer is the season I was born in so it's always been my favorite, but this year feels a lot different than year past.

The pandemic has been keeping me indoors.  I have several people in my life who have fragile immune systems, and I've been working my other job at an essential business since COVID-19 hit.  Please keep wearing masks when you go out, limit your exposure to others, and stay healthy.  This pandemic is far from over, and we're seeing places in the US have to restrict people once again due to huge outbreaks.  While I'm sad that the summer vendor season won't be around this year, I'm more happy to see all my other creative friends keeping healthy to keep making wonderful things for a long time to come.  That's what online shopping is for!

I'll be honest - I haven't been doing a lot of creating recently.  I keep thinking I'll get something new created, but I've just been consumed by reading both books and social media lately.  I'm trying my best to be educated and aware about what's going on in the world today.

Just to be clear: Black lives matter.  Black trans lives matter.  Black women matter.  Black children matter.  Black lives matter.  This is not a political stance, this is a human stance.

There is a restocking for the Art Star Bazaar that I will be a part of next month.  I'm excited to be a part of it once again, it's been really wonderful to be able to see all different art from across the Philadelphia region alongside mine.  You can check out what's in stock now at - the restocking should be mid to late July.

That's about it from me.  The pandemic has me leading a very boring life, but it is what it is.  Maybe some more excitement will come by next month, but I'm pretty sure it will be much the same until at least next year.  Hey, at least my house is cleaner than it's ever been!

My new shrimp facemaskMy new one of a kind shrimp face mask