Springing up

by Amanda Woade

Happy spring, everyone!

The sun is finally out and the temperatures seem to be warming.  I've seen bulbs up for weeks and daylight savings time messed with me, so it must be spring.  I'm so happy to be coming out of hibernation and getting all the sunshine I can in my day.

The market-a-month goal has been going pretty well!  I tried to pick up a second market in March, but unfortunately that lousy Smarch weather got me and I've postponed to another date.

Screencap from The Simpsons of Homer complaining about Smarch with a calendar behind him

I do have two markets coming up in April and the rest of the summer has filled in. It's a pretty great experiment for me, also teaching me that "just over there" on a map is sometimes way farther than I think it is.  I am actually kind of enjoying the exploration factor of it all.

Speaking of my schedule, here's the upcoming markets I have scheduled for the rest of the year (so far):

April 23 - The Center of Possibilities Pet Expo, Cary

April 29-30 - Calico Makers Market, Chapel Hill

May 14 - The Bazaar Craft & Art Market, Carrboro

June 10 - Geek & Grub - Pride Edition, Raleigh

July 16 - Morrisville Summer Market, Morrisville

I've also been doing the March Meet the Maker challenge on my Instagram.  It's a daily posting challenge with a series of prompts to talk about your art's history and future.  Some days are more challenging than others, but I'm really proud that I've been able to do every day so far.

Otherwise, I'm doing ok.  Winter was hard but the weather and light are changing so that's making everything a little easier.  I think my burnout from doing a lot last holiday season has kind of abated, which is good.  I had a lot going on in March and April looks busy too.  But it's exciting to have a lot to do, and I am enjoying staying busy. 

I also got a new piece of technology recently - an iPad.  I'm using it to do some drawing again, which is really fun.  I'm looking at designing some new stickers and having a lot of fun playing and learning.

Has your year been off to a good start? Accomplishing your resolutions or do you have a new focus in your life now that the seasons have shifted?  Is there anything  you're planting for summer?