Serving up some fresh monsteroni

by Amanda Woade

Lots of exciting news!  I got in my new sticker sheets and my very first pin design.  They are up on right now, so go and check them out.

It's an exciting change to get slightly more hands off with my creations.  I'm usually doing every step, making every stitch, cutting every little face. So it's a refreshing change to have something that I can offer with the same loving and goofy touch, time and time again.  I'll be bringing some to the South Street Art Mart, an amazing small local business full of 60+ Philly artists.  They already have some of my Dana monsters in stock.

I'm really excited about this sticker sheet.   5 large 1-to-2" monster stickers and then an adorable assortment of 12 mini stickers interspersed on the same sheet.  They are weatherproof and ready to bring a little silly spookiness to anything.  I put a couple of them on my water bottle and they just look great and have held up great to every day use.

Every picture is its own sticker!
The full sheet
Water bottle with stickers
Look at that little noodle!

The pins are fantastic!  I've named this monster Tommy Francese.  They're about 1" tall and 1.5" wide and come with a post on each arm so they won't be spinning around anywhere.  It comes with two rubber pin backs, but I will be offering locking pin backs as an add-on option so you don't have to worry about losing your little monster.

He's so happy
The new pin, Tommy Francese!

I've got a couple more tricks up my sleeve, but I'm not going to share them quite yet.

The only event I have coming up is Art Star at Spruce Street Harbor Park, where I will be on June 9th.  That's Pride weekend so I'll have some special rainbow monsters available.  I'm looking forward to my last planned event for the spring/summer.  It's quite hot to transport all the fleece and fluff around in the summer time, and it's my favorite time of year to get out and be in nature.  I don't have any real plans for that either, but I'm hoping to do some swimming, hiking, and just laying around in the sunshine.

What do you do in the summer months?  Is there anything you're looking forward to in the next few months?  Let me know in the comments!