Oodles of noodles

by Amanda Woade

So I had this brilliant idea a few months ago - I should make some pasta-themed products that would really fit with my business name. Monsteroni, while adorable, are a little confusing to people sometimes.  (The extrusion process is very complicated.)  A little later, it hit me.  Pet toys.  That would be the perfect answer!

So this week, I came out with my brand new catnip pasta.

Catnip Pasta in box

Right now, there are only tortellini and ravioli shapes available, but I've got my eye on gyoza, pierogis, gnocci, spaghetti and meatballs... The list goes on.

They're all made to order right now, and stuffed tightly with 100% organic catnip.  Every cat who has one is absolutely bonkers for them.  My cat, who doesn't do a lot of toy-chasing, has been seen skidding around the floor to fetch it after someone throws it.  (I also have to hide all of the ones as they are made because my cats are too smart and have destroyed the spots I tried to hide them in...)

I'm also thinking of making these shapes as dog toys - with squeakers inside instead of filled with catnip.  They'll probably end up being larger than these adorable and tiny pastas, but with a similar play-food aesthetic.

Handcutting each box is a labor of weird love, and I've almost forgotten to cut the window out once or twice.  But this is the adorable, weird, playful thing that I think I've been working towards for a minute.  They bring me so much happiness each time I make them.

I did, before this idea was fully fleshed out, make myself an adorable apron for when I'm at vendor events.


(I did screen print my logo on in a wonderful neon yellow-orange - it glows under black light, because of course it does.)

Based off of a preexisting apron I had, it's the perfect size and shape.  I was planning on adding some flecks of monster splatter (that extrusion process is complicated and messy) but I think it might detract from the final product.  I think it will really step up my professionalism at events, and the one giant pocket I put on is very useful too.

So that's the oodles of noodles of updates I have for now.  I'm planning my fall and winter show schedule.  My events are generally in the local Philadelphia area, but this season I'm doing some a little farther afield.  Join my mailing list if you want to keep updated on where I'll be in the coming months.