It's almost Halloween?

by Amanda Woade

Another month gone by in quarantine.  So much and so little has happened.  Some days feel like a blink and others don't seem to end. I hope yours have gotten easier and quarantine has finally gotten into some semblance of a routine for you.

I still haven't gotten into a new routine since moving. Mornings are pretty structured (Dr. Smokey needs his food as soon as he can see that I'm semi-conscious) but time often gets a little wiggly as the day wears on.  It's been making a lot of projects and ideas take way longer to get done, but I'm finally relaxing through the day instead of being worked up and anxious.  (Not that it still doesn't get the better of me some days...) I was doing a lot of long hours at the start of the quarantine, so it's been a treat to really rest.

Cat with its paw outstretched against a window
Hiii! I miss you!

In the Kitschen, I've been cooking up some ideas.  I'm planning some ziti kitty kickers for my next release, and maybe some other surprises too.  I've figured out how to make realistic ridges in fleece so I can make more textured pastas.  It's fun to get a new tool and see how many ways you can use it and what you can get out of it. I'm sure the more I play around, the more ideas will come and I'll pass the fun along.

I'm excited to announce that Enriched Macaroni Products will soon be in store at Nice Things Handmade on Passyunk Ave in Philadelphia.  Elissa, who runs Nice Things Handmade, curates a beautiful selection of artists. It's a cozy shop and full of perfectly Philly gifts.  I'm honored to be a part of it and I hope if you're in the area, you can stop in and take a look.  (It's also the perfect place to start your holiday shopping!)

I have one more upcoming idea, but I'm going to send more details out to my email subscribers soon.  It will be a new gift option and if you want to give your input, just click here to sign up for the mailing list.  I send out updates and special discounts there, as well as preview new products before they go live.

I hope you're all staying healthy and safe.  I know it's been really hard in a lot of different ways for everyone, but I hope you have your moments of peace, joy, and relaxation whenever you get get them. And please dress up and have some fun for Halloween, even if it's just a Zoom party with a few friends or scaring yourself with how much laundry you have to do.  It would warm my weird little heart.