We've got cabin fever! We've got cabin fever!

by Amanda Woade

I had written a post to put out in March, but I never hit publish.  It's really strange, it shows a completely different picture of the world than what we're in right now.  It's looking forward to markets and big spring plans - something that seems so foreign, but wasn't that long ago.

What's been going on with me through all this? I have a day job.  It's essential and we can't work from home, so I've been coming into the office every week day.  It lends a nice sense of normal in these bizarre times.  I'm very grateful to have it, but it's been draining.  The commute is so strange - I've never seen streets so empty, sometimes I think I got the day wrong.  Other than that, I just stay home, try to stay in contact with people, and watch old movies.

Toys on my work deskThe desktop support squad at work

Almost all my markets have been cancelled.  (The punk rock flea is moved out to July.)  I'll miss seeing and meeting all the local people who pass through, and all the other amazing local artists.  Watching the social media accounts for the markets has been helpful - they've been promoting the artists who would've been showing.  (Shoutout to Feminist Flea and Darksome Markets especially!)  Art Star Craft Bazaar will be going online, so check my Instagram and Facebook for updates on that.

So I'm doing my best to keep inspired through these weird times.  I've been making a few masks for family and friends, but I simply don't have the energy to be making them every free moment I have.  Doing video calls has been really inspiring, it reminds me of all the wonderful creative people that I know, and the easiest place to do them is in my studio.  So I start getting antsy to make while I'm on long calls, and I usually have something done by the end of the day.  My nectarine tree has gone through its big flower, and now the leaves are starting to come in.  The spring flowers are really helping me feel hopeful.  In just a few months, we should have fruit! Well, as long as Philadelphia's wildlife doesn't eat all of it...

Nectarine tree in full bloom - its leaves are just starting here

Right now, I'm running a site-wide sale. It's 30% off of everything, no minimum order.  It will automatically be applied at checkout, so you don't have to worry about a code or anything.  I hope this helps people who want to support a small maker or just entertain the people in their lives. I appreciate the support of every one of you - whether you've purchased or not.  I hope you're all doing alright and staying healthy.  If there's anything I can do to help you, feel free to reach out.

I would love to hear about goofy things you think I should try to make, or what you're doing during these times.