by Amanda Woade

So I've been thinking about this for a few months, making it all happen in the background, but here it is.  I am separating my work into two brands: Enriched Macaroni Products and Monsteroni.

Enriched Macaroni Products will be the home for my catnip pasta, along with more fun pet food items that I'm dreaming up.  (Dog toys are coming very soon, I promise!)  I'm designing a new vendor set up to push a kitschy restaurant vibe, and that will be debuting this spring.

Monsteroni is the home for all my monster pals.  Plushies, hats, bags, stickers, coloring books - they will all be available through that site.  It's most of the things that you're used to, just with a slightly new name.

Each of these have their own Facebook and Instagram pages, which I will link at the bottom of this post, and at future events I will likely have only one of these product lines or the other.  (If you want an order from both brands to ship together, just send me a message or email and I will keep the shipping low for you.)

It's been a nerve-wracking procedure - making sure I'm crossing all my t's and dotting all my i's - to ensure that this transition is seamless. It might seem a little crazy to do all of this, but I really feel like I've had a lot of confusion with customers in the last year.  I think this will both help alleviate any further befuddlement and make both brands stronger.  I'm really excited about all the growth I see in the future.

I see this as a next step as a maker and a small business owner, and I'm excited to see where the whole path leads.

Enriched Macaroni Products : (website) (facebook) (instagram)

Monsteroni : (website) (facebook) (instagram)