April showers and May flowers

by Amanda Woade

Another month sheltered in place, it seems.  Here in Philly, we will be inside until at least June. 

I decided to move my studio in my house to a different room, so that's been a big change and undertaking over the past couple of weeks.  I didn't realize quite what a fabric hoarder I'd been until I had to move it all.  It's been inspirational in its own way, though, as it's reminded me all the things I hadn't been able to see.  So while I'll still be creating more pasta toys and monsters, hopefully I can finally try to make other things -  like real pants - soon too.  (It's been something I've been quite scared of trying, it feels really complicated and nerve-wracking.)

So many different fabrics ready for creating!

The outdoor blooms have been in full swing.  Our spring here is well underway, and seeing all the green outside has been helpful in keeping my mood up while we've been mostly inside.  The weather here throughout April was really tough for me personally. It was either raining or incredibly windy, which are not conditions I even want to think of leaving the house for.  Temperatures have been warmer this week, the sun feels brighter and it's on its way to summer - I think.

I did put up a video in late April, as a virtual table.  It felt a little silly to do at the time, alone in my house, but it was nice to get it out there.  It made missing all my spring events this year feel a little easier.  The punk rock flea market is still scheduled for July, but lots of other events have been cancelled or moved online.  [The Spring Art Star Craft Bazaar is online here if you want to check out all the awesome vendors that would have been there with me!]

The outlook for what's to come in the next few weeks is just continuing on the progress I've made since the start of isolation.  Hopefully that means more creating, since I don't have any more moving around to do.  I've got a couple of ideas that I'm looking to prototype in the next week or so.  I'm also probably going to be doing some rearranging and reorganizing here on the website.  But honestly, a lot of my time is spent sleeping or talking to friends because those are my top ways of recharging.

How has your quarantine/isolation been going?  Have you made anything new or just been hanging out?  These times are tough and every reaction to it is valid (as long as it's not making other people unsafe).  Keep on keepin' on and I'll post another update next month!