A fresh coat of paint

by Amanda Woade

This week, I moved the shop over to a new webhost.  I'm really excited about making it look a lot better than it has in the past, and adding a lot of functionality for both you, the customers, and me. 

I had a crazy October this year - I was out at events at least two days every week.  I took the next month off to rest, recuperate, and get my creative juices flowing again.  So it's now December and I have a handful of markets to help you get ready for the holiday season.

October market set upsHere are all my different set ups from October

I've been really happy with this market season.  I'm going back to some of my favorite events of the year, as well as trying new events in new places.  Going back to a favorite event is kind of like going home - seeing the organizers who do such a good job, eating at the same spots, seeing customers again. Every part of a new event is an adventure that I enjoy - from meeting new people and new makers, to getting to visit cities I've only ever passed through.

I've also had a bunch of great holiday commissions, which I'm always delighted by.  Custom hats, backpacks, catnip toys, and even some knitting for my family.  I really enjoy doing work especially for someone, it feels like making a dream come true.  If there's ever a product you see that you want custom made, don't hesitate to ask!

I've got some new regular projects in the pipeline, but they're mostly pet toys.  I'll be cranking out some new unique mini monsters for my last few shows of the year.  I almost sold out of the ones I have, so I know that's a sign to pick some great new fabrics for wacky new friends.

So here's to a December full of cozy spaces, loads of monsters, and sharing some time with the families you have and those you choose.